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Post  MarcyOne on 10/22/2009, 11:09

Most of my friends who have children would say that their first pregnancy was their easiest. Never mind the
fact that they vomited every day for the first trimester, or that they were plagued with edema making their
ankles virtually undetectable to the naked eye. I think it's because we knew no differently. The first pregnancy
sets the standard for what is normal in a woman's mind about how it should go the next time around.
There is something blissful about that ignorance. The perceived normalcy; the promise of that heavenly
epidural; the anticipation of holding your sleepy, quiet newborn. Of course having no other children to look after
who wake you up at 6 AM every morning to turn on Noggin helps.

Labor comes and goes and exhausted, you are wheeled out to your car with your new bundle of joy, dreamily admiring
your husband as he fumbles around with the car seat installation. Everything is rose-colored and you think the hard part
is over. After all, you just felt like you were going to pop like an engorged tick those last few weeks before delivery,
and you had to push a whole hour and you can't believe you did it! And well your little genius is a pro at breastfeeding
already and what was everyone talking about when they said you would be sore for a couple of weeks? You feel great!

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