how r your parents...................

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how r your parents................... Empty how r your parents...................

Post  mummy1987 on 3/11/2008, 15:02

with your children?? do they babysit them alot or only visit ocassionally? do u wish they saw them more?

well my parents adore craig which is great as i never got along with them til the xmas before last which was why i partly decided to move down closer to them and now we all get along great. they never babysit well mum did once on NYE for a few hours but i think to coz i hate askin them for things so never ask them plus my dad has a dog that doesnt like kids so if i did ask mum to babysit she would prob do it here if i really needed her to. we see them usually around once a week which is nice but i would love it if they offered to babysit 1 night a week or even a month so i have a nite to myself and can sleep in for once lol!!!

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