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Lexapro??? Empty Lexapro???

Post  mummy1987 on 3/11/2008, 15:39

hi everyone. just wondering if anyone has had this anti depressent drug before. im on these now for my anxiety!
well i had a hole pill last week on tuesday for the 1st time and i felt like i was off my face. completely high! i went to bed early and could hardly sleep all nite coz my head was goin crazy and wouldnt shut up like i was high. so i ended up goin bak to the doc last week wednesday as i did not feel right and im so glad the doc said to just have half a pill. im only a small build so thats why it would of been way too strong for me. silly doctor!!!!!!!! so i have been havin half, still got hot and sick til monday but my head wasnt on another a planet this time then tues this week i was perfectly fine. then wednesday this week my app was at 10am at the doc so i got there at 10am and it was packed!!!! so she put my file out and i went down the road to do some shoppin, got bak at the doc at 10.30am but was still packed so ended up waitin til 11.30am!!!!!!!!! anyway so i finally saw the doc, he said to keep taking half a pill as im slowly gettin better with it, next week on thursday so in a weeks time if im still gettin anxious to try a hole pill on the thursday as i will be home and if its too strong then go bak to half a pill on the friday but if my anxiety is gone by next thursday just to keep takin half a pill as that might be enough for me so i just have to see how i go but im happy with that! i also see my psych for the 1st time next wed so hopefully that all goes well too so apart from waitin so long then only in there for 5 mins it was a good outcome.
has anyone else had the hole high thing happen before as just curious as to whether anyone who has been on anti depressents has managed the hole time just on half a pill??? thanks in advance for any help!

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