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Homebrand Nappies!!! Empty Homebrand Nappies!!!

Post  mummy1987 on 3/11/2008, 16:10

well today i went grocery shopping at woolies where i buy the homebrand boxes of 72 large nappies for $20. when we got there well there werent any on the shelf so the girl had a look out bak but nothin then when she looked on the shelves theres not even a tag for them as they are not supplying them anymore!!!!!!! 72 nappies for $20 which lasted 3-4weeks. the next cheapest ones were "select" nappies which were 36 nappies for nearly $17 which will last 1 week maybe 2! so what i was spending nearly monthly i will be spending weekly or fortnightly as theres less nappies for the same price. anyway i was just curious as to whether anyone else buys homebrand woolies nappies and whether its all woolies which have stopped sellin them. it really annoyed me coz they r still selling the medium and junior sizes but none of the large not even the 16 pack for $6. how frustrating. the medium are too small for him and the juniors would fall off him!!!!!

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