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Post  mummy1987 on 3/11/2008, 16:11

well craig turned 2 in january and in the last few weeks have said so many new words like hat, broke, duck, cat, dog. when that song "3 little ducks went out 1 day" is on he quacks to it and everythin. then today i could smell he had done a poo so was just finishin somethin then was gonna change him when he came up to me and pointed to the bak of his nappy and said "poo". i was shocked coz he has never done it! i said "oh have u done a poo. good boy for tellin me. i will change your nappy" so i went in the room to get his nappy and wipes, by the time i came out to the loungeroom he was already layin on the lounge ready to be changed! such a good boy but gettin so so big!!!!!!!!! at least he will tell me now when hes done a poo so now just have to teach him to tell me when hes going to do one so he can go on the potty but im so proud of how quick hes been learning. today for the 1st time he said yuck and dummy too
so proud!!!!

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