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Post  kahlea (Admin) on 3/12/2008, 03:12

She was due the 6.1.06. and we lived 2 hours away away from a hospital that had facilities to deliver babies. so my last appointment with the doctor before christmas i had mentioned that i want to be induced before christmas as i would not have no where to stay before i was in labour, so he checked his diary and mentioned the 28th of december. so that was booked. So we went back home 2 hrs away and on the 28th i woke up with a really tight belly and just thought that zakiya was just making herself comfy. anyway we were both excited and once we got to the hospital the doctor had checked how dilated i was and i was only 2 centermetres. so he made me go t the maternity ward and get a bed......
we were aloud to leave to go and get lunch and etc. so that was ok. I had called my mum to tell her what the go was and that they were going to induce me after lunch so she packed all her stuff up and was on her way up.....2:30 came and nothing happened they had already induced me but that just made me sore and didnt do anything.. I had done lots of blocks around the hospital that afternoon. my ankles swelled up ...
there was ni sign of bub coming at any time lol
they done the machine thing where they see the contractions cant remember wat that is called.8:30pm. they had moved me to a private room where there was a double bed etc. and thats where my contractions kept getting stronger.... i kept going walking still and my mum and geoff(partner) were joking and making me laugh cause i kept stopping every so many minutes. the nght just kept dragging on forever by this time is was 3:00am. we went for another walk and it was getting really hard for me to keep my self up! we went back to the room and i chose to have a bath.had one of those and the contractions were getting stronger and i was in so much pain i was having trouble goijng to the touilet as well i thought i was going to drop the bub in the toilet .. the midwife advised me to take some pethadine to try and get me some sleep. as it had been 17 hrs. and i had no food and no sleep.the pethadine seemed to work a little bit but not much and then all ov a sudden my water broke. this time it was 7:35 am i jumped up wanting to walk and got to the end of the bed i was laying down pushing... my mum moved me to one side of te bed as it would been easier for the midwifes etc and i had pushed a few times and i got to see my baby's girl head coming out and then WOLLAR she was out sitting on my chest cuddling me......
my partner was so strong and h was crying, my mum was so proud of me
sorry about my long posts

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Post  mummy1987 on 3/14/2008, 18:17

thanks for sharing!

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