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Post  kahlea (Admin) on 3/12/2008, 03:13

well i suffer from Depression on and off especially when my anxiety gets really bad.... i have only had depression since ihad my daughter. its not like i blame her for giving it to me. its just what happens to some people.
anyways i use to be really dwn and the dumps the first few months after having dd.all i wanted to do was cry and i would just lay on my bed and be curled up in a ball. thoughts were runnng through my head like i was dying...
Then along came anxiety attacks i thought depression was bad but No..i get there and stress more when i can feel and attack coming on that i hyperventilate sometimes...... I am on no medication at the moment as am pregnant and my doctor has advised me not to take them s he know that i have been thinking about death and sying and etc... so i am changing doctors...

sorry about the long posts
what i was wondering with all u if you have or suffered depression/anxiety what are your experiences and thoughts.... Thats if you feel comfy expressing those that is
and how you have over become them??

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