Craig has been sick!

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Craig has been sick! Empty Craig has been sick!

Post  mummy1987 on 3/15/2008, 15:31

well i think craig is sick. last nite he kept waking up which is usually coz his dummy as fallen out but it was still in. the 1st time he had done a poo so i changed him but then i was still up at midnight and he came running out and he was boiling hot! i took his temp and it was 37.7 so we went bak to bed for the nite. then this morning he has a runny nose and still feels hot although his temp was only 36.6 or somethin but i gave him some panadol this morning just in case coz he felt very hot. i hope he gets better soon! now tonight he has been waking every half hour coughing as it sounds very chesty. at one stage it sounded like he couldnt breath. i hope he gets some good rest tonight sooner or later but! poor little boy!

also i have now gone from half a pill to a hole pill of my medication since thursday so for 3 days have had a hole pill. thurs i felt a bit sick and dizzy but since then i have been ok so i hope im ok monday as gotta take craig to daycare so will see how i go!

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