do u read?

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do u read? Empty do u read?

Post  mummy1987 on 3/11/2008, 14:51

if so what r u readin right now and what type of books do u like to read? if not then why not?

i read a few pages of a novel everynite before bed for about half hour.
well i started off readin dave pelzers 1st book "a child called it" which is about his life as a child goin from the perfect family to becoming his mums slave. it was a great story. very sad some of the stuff she did to him which i cried and shook my head so much as couldnt imagine what her brain was thinkin but in the way it was good was that i couldnt put it down as wanted to hear when he got away. his 2nd book i then read which is "the lost boy" about when he gets out and is in foster care then now im readin the last one "a man named dave" which is his life as an adult gettin in the air force and his father dying and stuff. the last 2 were not as good as not as suspensful but still a good read.
i like to read true stories, famous peoples biographies, choose your own adventures or any movie or tv based books.

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do u read? Empty Re: do u read?

Post  vic&nick on 3/17/2008, 10:25

hi there
well not that ive had a chance to read a book in ages..but my favs would have to b those romantic love story types, but they must have a bit of humor to them. a big fan of Marian Keyes, i like that her books are really easy to read, the type of books you can put down and pick up again. and as they are all based around the same characters theres not a huge sceen setting thing that takes up chapter after chapter to begin with
well theres my controbution


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